On the Better Business Blog, my co-author Jeremy Moon just wrote a nice little summary of our recent paper in the Journal of Business Ethics (which we wrote together with Andreas Rasche). The entire special issue, by the way, is available through open access so feel free to take a look!


During my sabbatical at Copenhagen Business School I visited the National Gallery of Denmark, SMK, and saw beautiful painting by Asger Jorn and other COBRA painters. Working in Amsterdam, on sabbatical in Copenhagen, this week I had the opportunity to visit the third component of Cobra. I was invited to present a paper in Brussels at the inaugural Solvay Management Research Seminar, jointly organized by the ULB and VUB. I presented a paper on corporate citizenship, co-authored with Elaine Linssen and Frank den Hond) and got some useful feedback. So now one more round of polishing and then get it out…

It’s been ages but now that I’ve started a sabbatical that I’m spending in Copenhagen at Copenhagen Business School, I have some more time to pick up blogging again. And although it reads like some shameless self-promotion, I’d like to follow up on a few blogs I posted long ago when I wrote about calls for papers for two journal I was guest-editing with several colleagues. Well, by now both have appeared. And both are, IMHO, worth your attention because they contain some really nice papers.

First there is the Special Issue of Organization Studies, following the 2010 Organization Studies Summer Workshop on “Social Movements, Civil Society and Corporations” that appeared in May 2013. The call for papers attracted a lot of submissions; in the end we selected a strong set of 9 diverse papers to make this into a double issue. The papers cut through different methods and theoretical angles but all speak to the theme of the issue. Some from a historical perspective, some from an anthropological point of view. Together with Frank den Hond, Brayden King and Klaus Weber, I discuss the state of affairs on social movements, civil society and corporations in an introductory essay,

The other special issue I wanted to point to is the Special Issue of the Journal of Business Ethics on “Organizing Corporate Social Responsibility” that was developed from the 27th EGOS Colloquium in July 2011 in Gothenburg appeared in August 2013.In this special issue a variety of takes on organizing CSR are presented, from communicative and linguistic approaches to political philosophy insights. The introductory essay I wrote with Andreas Rasche and Jeremy Moon: it is available through open access from the journal’s website.

Coding and gold standards

Posted: 2013/03/14 in Research

Fascinating to see how worlds collide in project MONA in which I am involved – computer scientists and social scientists are working together to see how we can make sense of large datasets to understand activist groups’ tactics and their targets’ responses. Clearly, not a question for which a ready-made package is available so we’re working hard to assemble helpful tools and to provide some well-coded bits of data to serve as gold standards for the tools. Once again we note how complicated language can be – but we’re making progress, using a sample data set on oil drilling in the arctic that gives enough food for (coding) thought…

Although not really complete yet, please find a link to our new website-in-progress. Mid-January extended abstracts can be submitted for EGOS 2013, sub-theme “Corporate Responsibility: Towards Inclusive Development”. More information can be found at the EGOS Website as well.

A quick update: the 7th Annual Review of Social Partnerships just appeared. The ARSP is focused on research on Cross Sector Social Partnerships and is edited by several researchers, including May Seitanidi and many more. The review also contains insights of partnership academics and practitioners, including a small note of mine. an interesting publication to get an overview of research in this area.